Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What does BHCC stand for?

​ The term BHCC is an acronym for behavioral health care collaborative.

What lead agencies could apply for BHCC funding?

Lead agencies must be either an OMH-licensed or OASAS-certified community-based organization, contracted with a participating managed care organization (MCO). Where an applicant is an independent practice association (IPA) contracted with a participating MCO, the IPA may serve as lead agency. A lead agency must have, at a minimum, information technology (IT) capacity, or the ability to obtain such capacity and financial infrastructure to support the development and implementation of a BHCC. These functions will include: coordination with additional providers to form a network, development of an application, data collection, and reporting around deliverables and distribution of funds.

What is the background behind the BHCCs?

As part of the transformation of the State’s Medicaid System, New York State formed Behavioral Health Care Collaboratives (BHCCs) in order to strengthen behavioral health providers throughout the state and prepare them to be successful in the transformation of the health care delivery system. ​

How many BHCCs were granted money in New York State?

Nineteen entities were selected to receive a total of $60 million dollars in awards, which will be divided among the successful applicants over a three-year period that began on April 1, 2017 and ends March 30, 2020.

Who are the lead entities in the Value Network BHCC IPA?

The lead entities of the Value Network independent practice association (IPA) include BestSelf Behavioral Health, Endeavor Health Services, Horizon Health Services, and Spectrum Health and Human Services.

What is the intended use of the funding that was awarded?

Funds are being allocated to support work in four main areas, including organizational structure, data analytics, quality oversight, and clinical integration. New York State has outlined specific requirements and expectations for each BHCC. The selected BHCCs will use the funds to enhance quality care through clinical and financial integration and the use of community-based recovery support services. Funds will also allow the BHCC to collect, analyze, and respond to service data to improve behavioral and physical health outcomes.

Who is overseeing progress on the four workplan areas identified above?

Each BHCC is required to submit documentation of workplan progress to an identified managed care organization. Value Network is working directly with Fidelis.

What is the state’s role in overseeing the program?

New York State developed the guidelines for the program, reviewed applications, and determined enrollees. The state will also propose evaluative criteria to the MCOs that will oversee the implementation.

How were BHCC recipients selected?

The applications were evaluated based on several factors including: the number of Medicaid managed care (MMC) enrollees served by the proposed BHCC, network adequacy, provider expertise and qualifications, and potential for sustainability beyond the program period. Addressing specialty populations and/or demonstrated relationships with PPSs and other physical health organizations, as well as with human and social service organizations addressing the social determinants of health were also factors.

How does Value Network plan to succeed?

  • Collaboration: Working with agencies in the WNY region will be key to the success of the BHCC. Having a diverse group of network and affiliate partners will be helpful, since focus areas of each MCO may be different, and a variety of partners will be essential to reach identified goals.
  • Data-informed decision-making: Using existing data sources will be essential to the success of the BHCC. The PPSs, local RHIO, and other entities have resources that can be utilized to inform the BHCC on metrics and the feasibility of reaching identified goals.

How is Value Network focusing on the four identified areas of a BHCC (organizational structure, data analytics, quality oversight, and clinical integration)?

Value Network has put together workgroups with both affiliate and network providers to focus on clinical Integration best practices, quality oversight activities, and data analytics issues. The organizational structure workgroup is comprised of members from each of the four lead agencies, the VP of operations at Value Network, and consultants as needed.

What can I do to learn more about the Value Network BHCC IPA, and how can I be more involved in the workgroups?

If you are interested in collaborating with Value Network or want to participate in a workgroup, contact Andrea J. Wanat, Vice President of Operations at [email protected]​ and she can help you to decide an appropriate fit for you and your agency.

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